Become an integral part of a movement that empowers individuals with disabilities.

Signature Events

We invite you to join us at one of our five extraordinary fundraising events, where the power of your participation ignites a spark of positive change in the lives of individuals with disabilities. Through your participation, you become an integral part of a movement that empowers individuals with disabilities to discover their true potential through adaptive recreation and educational programming.

Save the date and join us in creating a meaningful impact: whether through corporate event sponsorships, company tables, volunteering, or in-kind donations, your support will make a difference.

Red, White & Snow

March 5-8, 2025

Barn Party

June 1, 2024

Summit Challenge

August 24, 2024


September 28, 2024

Saluting Our Heroes

October 24, 2024

Make a Meaningful Impact

Join hands with the National Ability Center as we invite you to be a pivotal force in realizing our mission. Through the art of partnership, sponsoring a Signature Event becomes a transformative journey that touches countless lives of those with disabilities.

As a sponsor, you become a catalyst for accessible adventures, adaptive recreation, and life-changing experiences. You’re not just funding an event; you’re fostering a legacy of change.

Community Events

In addition to our signature fundraising events, the NAC holds two fun seasonal events for our neurodiverse community and their families to celebrate together. These events are designed to promote independence, self-confidence, and socialization skills through a variety of activities relating to each seasonal theme: Spring Formal Dance and Halloween Party.